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Doctor Delicious (1999)

Doctor Delicious was made as an experimental exercise during my animation studies. It uses the "cut-out" animation technique, which programs like "South Park" and "Angela Anaconda" are famous for. All the drawings were done on paper, then photocopied to transparent plastic cel. Then they were painted on the back with the cel paint, just like I did in "Blind Man's Rough"... except I didn't draw almost every frame. I just drew the characters, and a few separate mouths and arms and things. I cut all these characters and pieces out. Then, under a film camera with single frame capacity, I placed a background I drew, and the cut out characters and pieces on top of that background. And I just moved the characters frame by frame, according to the dope sheet with all the sections of the music timed out and marked. The bare bottom shakes during the trombone sections of the music, while the other characters move to the beat. When the Doctor swallows the patient, the patient is actually disappearing through a slit I cut in the background (on the plant). The music is very tinny and hard to hear. The vision is quite blurry, but don't adjust your computer... the old film camera was on its last legs.

You can view the completed film by clicking the download link below.

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