Brett Hansen - Animator, Cartoonist, Musician.

Welcome to the website of Brett Hansen.

Brett is a cartoonist, animator, musician and puppeteer from Brisbane, Australia. He has qualifications in cartooning and animation and performs keyboard in a number of bands, and with the ImproMafia Theatre Company. In 2012, he was the "Puppetry Consultant" and "2nd Hands Puppeteer" (Nicky, Trekkie Monster) in the Brisbane Arts Theatre production of Broadway musical, "Avenue Q". For more on Brett's puppetry work, please visit the website of his business, Larrikin Puppets.

Past clients of Brett's cartooning work include Education Queensland, Lifeline, Leukaemia Foundation, Commerce Queensland and 4ZzZ radio station. Check out some of his past work in the Portfolio section.

Please be aware that animation (as opposed to still cartoon drawings) is a very timely process, and as a one man operation, five minutes of animation can take up to two years to produce. As Brett is working full time running his puppetry business, he is no longer available to produce any animation. However, please still feel free to contact Brett via the contact page of this site if you have any enquiries about still cartoon drawings you had in mind for your brochures, flyers, text books, etc.

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